Here come da judge

Terry Marshall's official judge's badge

Wanted: one powdered white wig and one black robe.

I need them, and soon: I’m now a judge –- and the last time I was in court as a defendant, that’s what the judge wore. (That was in Tarawa, Kiribati . . . a long story –- but a fascinating one; remind me, I’ll tell you about it some day . . . a fictionalized version is in the draft of my next novel.) Anyway,

Last year Soda Springs: Love, Sex, and Civil Rights won first place in the Global eBook Awards contest for best illustrations in a fiction book, and was a finalist in both Multicultural Adult Literature and Teen Literature.

This year, Global eBook Awards named me a judge for multicultural literature. At this very moment I’m sitting here waiting for the manuscripts to come rolling in.

They’re also sending me judging guidelines and deadlines . . . but, alas, I’ve got to come up with my own wig and robe.

Can anyone help?

I’ll let you know how it comes out.

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