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Terry’s novel, Soda Springs: Love, Sex, and Civil Rights, provides rich grist for discussion of the turbulent ‘60s, the Black Civil Rights Movement, discrimination against Hispanics, challenges facing small farmers, the pangs of growing up, and the backstory on writing a novel, including setting, themes, characters, story lines, even Terry’s unlikely collaboration with right-wing illustrator Chuck Asay.

Soda Springs also raises a number of contemporary and historical issues, among them:

  • Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement of the ‘60s
  • Historical roots of the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement
  • Immigration reform, particularly as it relates to Mexico
  • Racism, discrimination, and prejudice
  • Anglo-Hispanic relations
  • Activism and community change, particularly in rural America
  • Dating, sexual relationships, and infidelity
  • The interplay of political and sexual passions

This page compiles both excerpts from Terry’s public talks and interviews, and, in some cases, full audio recordings of them.

WQQX, East St Louis

Former East St Louis mayor Carl Officer interviews Terry for a Martin Luther King Day special on WQQX radio’s “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Topics: MLK and nonviolence; why “a white guy from a farm town in Colorado, a town with no Blacks . . . none . . . would write about Love, Sex, and Civil Rights.”

Former Mayor Carl Officer of East St. Louis and Terry Marshall
talk about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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