Fiction hits home more than fact!

by Dave Dawson
(Port William, Scotland)

This is an EXCELLENT read. Having come of age in a community that was over 50% Mexican-American, sadly I was able to see how accurate the author is about the prejudices that existed in my community. Books like this have to result in a lot of soul-searching for those of us who, even inadvertently, contributed to such divisiveness.

What more can I say?

I usually don't read, or enjoy fiction, but in this instance I think that the author comes closer to the truth that existed (hopefully the past tense is correct!) in communities such as that described than would a non-fiction history.

In short, a thought-provoking book that I whole-heartedly recommend, especially to those who "came of age" in communities with diverse cultural heritages.

As an after thought, the "love and sex" quite accurately portrays not only the "coming of age" stresses but the response of truly caring adults. It ALL fits in!

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